The BIGGEST Regret For 95% of New Parents (And How You Can Avoid It)

Hi! My name’s Michelle and I am the newborn specialist here at Melvin Sillcock Photography. Between us we have been working in this industry for nearly thirty five years, and over that time we’ve been lucky enough to capture thousands of unique memories for thousands of unique families in our studio here in Kent. Doing this much photography means that we get to meet a lot of parents, and we’ve noticed that they’re all saying the same thing. This is exactly how it goes… The parents, along with their children, walk into the studio. We make them a cup of tea and we exchange a few pleasantries. It’s all very nice. Then, just after that moment, 95% of parent say exactly the same thing.

Which is this… They look at our beautifully framed newborn photographs mounted on the wall, turn to their partner and say… “I wish we would have got our little Johnny photographed when he was that small…” (We’ve used Johnny for example purposes there. Not every kid in Sittingbourne is called Johnny!)

This always makes us feel a bit sad because there’s nothing we can say or do… but that’s not the worst of it! The absolute worst situation is when someone calls up to book their new bundle-of-joy in for a newborn photoshoot only to tell us this… “Our baby is 4 weeks old” It’s the worst thing that could happen, and let me tell you why…

After a baby is born, they start to ‘uncurl’. They’ve been warm and snug in the womb for so long that when they open their eyes to the big wide world, they’re all curled up… …and this is the ultimate time to photograph them. It’s where you get the cutest poses, and it makes for those heart-warming images.

Not many parents know this, but… once babies get over the age of 10 days, they start to uncurl, and that’s the end of your opportunity to catch them when they are at their best. We wanted to make sure you understand this before it’s too late. We’d hate for you to realise at a time when you can’t do anything about it. It’s a now or never situation. And who wants to spend the next 10 years wishing they would have caught that beautiful moment? We’ve spent years perfecting the art of newborn photography here at Melvin Sillcock Photography, and if you look at our gallery you can see examples of our work.

We guarantee your happiness – You want the best for your new baby, and we know that. That’s why we’re the only studio in Kent to offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your photos. We believe in our product, so we’re happy to put you in the driving seat.

You’re dealing with Award Winners – not many studios have won awards for their work. We’ve won distinction and merit awards with the Master Photographers Association so you really are in the best hands.

Safety is paramount – we’re parents ourselves, so we understand what safety and well-being means to you. That’s why we’ve spent thousands of pounds on the latest baby-handling training, and our first-aid practices are up to date. You should also know that we wash all of our props thoroughly between shoots.

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